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One of my favourite books to read to my children is ‘How To Be A Lion’ by Ed Vere. It reads, ‘Some say words can’t change the world. Leonard says, if they make you think then maybe they can.'


This is how I feel about books! As well as being a mum to my two boys, I am an English teacher and assistant principal at a secondary school, so books really are a huge part of my daily life and I believe they do so much good.

I read to laugh, to learn, to tread paths I’ve never walked and live lives I’ve never experienced. Some days I want nothing more than a light romcom, other days I want something to challenge me or to transport me to a different time or world.

I think there is a book out there for everyone and there is no better feeling than igniting the reading bug in someone or finding a book which ends up on their forever shelf. I hope that we can do that for you!


For as long as I can remember, I have loved books. I enjoyed listening to stories as a child and reading for pleasure soon became a favourite pastime. I read to learn and I read to escape.

Books offer the reader an opportunity to experience situations through the eyes, thoughts and feelings of another and I find this encapsulating. I search for stories and authors that make me feel; whether that be joy, fear or heartbreak.

As much as I enjoy reading books for myself, there is nothing I love more than reading stories to children.

As a teacher, my favourite time of the day is story time. My aim is to instill a love of reading in young children and I thoroughly enjoy putting on ‘the voices’ and being as expressive and enthusiastic as possible. My current class enjoy story time as much as I do and I hope our boxes can support you in creating that positive reading experience for children.

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Each month we will we feature different products from a range of suppliers. 

Our current suppliers are:

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